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Donations make it possible

for us to positively support families
going through crisis.

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We don’t just treat a patient,
we take care of a family...

Social workers, counselors, and medical staff partner
with us to help families during this time of crisis.

Lives We’ve Touched

The Evan Halford Foundation receives requests from different children’s hospitals. Here are some we would like to share.

I wanted to see if you would be able to help a family out with funeral assistance. Alicia was 16 years old and was just diagnosed in March. She passed away unexpectedly and since mom wasn’t able to work she is having a tough time coming up with the funds for the funeral.   I was hoping your foundation could help with $500 towards the services.
Let me know what you think.
Caley Nelson, LMSWPhoenix Children’s Hospital
EHF donated $500 toward the funeral services

I have a family in need of urgent assistance with their car payment of $685. The family had initially submitted financial assistance to a different foundation but had their application placed on “hold” due to influx of application requests, and were told their application would be reviewed. The foundation still has not provided confirmation of assistance as of today. The family has been told they will be granted another payment extension from their loan institution, and the payment is due tomorrow.
Patient was diagnosed with embroyonal rhabdomyoscarcoma of the left masticator space. Patient’s father recently lost his job due to inability to meet the hours of work expected by his employer, and patient’s mother had to stop working to be patient’s primary caregiver as patient has had frequent unplanned hospitalizations and multiple outpatient visits each week. Patient’s father has begun to seek outside employment.
Tricia Coleman-Waterbury, LMSW
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Social Worker Cardon Children’s Medical Center
EHF paid the car payment

I have a patient who is presently 11y/o, diagnosed with ALL in 01/27/11, and completed her chemo treatment 5/13/14. She continues to be followed by our clinic for regular follow up and to assess her counts. Patient’s mother is still struggling financially as a result of patient’s diagnosis/treatment due to being unemployed during patient’s treatment. Additionally, the mother’s fiancée died suddenly in March. Mother is supporting patient and herself and patient’s father resides out of the country with minimal involvement. Patient and her mother have been provided an eviction notice and are in need to provide rent as soon as possible in the amount of $712. The courts have waived any associated fees.  Mother has sought out multiple local community entities for assistance, as well. She is to begin work with a new employer in the next month. Is this a situation and a family your foundation can provide assistance to?
Tricia Coleman-Waterbury, LMSW
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Social Worker Cardon Children’s Medical Center
EHF paid the rent

I am writing on behalf of my patient Scott. He is 17 years old with a new diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He is very bright and active young man in his senior year of high school, he’s an active member in ROTC and already enlisted to join the Marines upon graduation. His grandparents are his legal guardians and both are recently retired and now are on a fixed income for the first time. The family does have medical insurance, but still have copays and deductibles to meet with regard to patient’s care and treatment. Patient is a candidate for sperm banking before continuing his chemo therapy treatment. Patient has applied for the Fertility Hope for Men program for a reduced cost, but will still anticipate paying $300-400 for the initial banking process, and $150 with each additional year for storage. The family would appreciate any assistance that Remember Evan could assist them with to reduce the initial out of pocket expenses.
Tricia Coleman-Waterbury, LMSW
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Social Worker Cardon Children’s Medical Center
EHF paid the bill

 I’m writing to inquire about a financial assistance request for one of my patients and her family. She is a 4 year old diagnosed with ALL in Oct. 2014. Patient is presently in treatment, requiring both in and outpatient services. Pt’s father is employed at a local convenience store and patient’s mother is a stay home mother to care for patient and her 3 siblings (2 y/o & twin 3 month olds). The family is enrolled on the state Medicaid insurance.  The parents immigrated from India, but the patient was born in the USA. The family doesn’t have any local support since they moved to AZ about a year ago. At the time of diagnosis the family looked to move patient back to CT where other family members are located, but were unable to due to financial strains and insurance limitations. Patient’s mother is the primary person who brings patient to treatment, while the father works; however, they have one vehicle and only patient’s father has a valid AZ driver’s license.  Patient’s mother would like to get her driver’s license, so she can provide transportation for patient’s treatment and appointments and still maintain care of the other siblings. Furthermore, this would permit patient’s father to continue to work and have income for the household.  Patient’s mother is proficient in English (both reading/writing) and had a vaild driver’s license in India. She desires to take a driving course to learn the differences in laws/signs/alternate side of the rode etc in the USA and to feel safe driving her family.  It appears the average cost for driving courses is around $329 (this allows for 6hrs of training; three 2hr 1:1 driving sessions). Would Remember Evan be able to assist this family for this unique request? Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Tricia Coleman-Waterbury, LMSW
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Social Worker
Cardon Children’s Medical Center
EHF paid for the courses

 Hi Joan, I am hoping you might be able to help with this electric bill.  The 15-year-old daughter has a malignant ependymoma that is currently stable, but carries a very bad prognosis.  The father is not involved and there are a lot of social stressors in the home.  I believe their electricity has been turned off at this point, and since she is not currently receiving chemotherapy, the company will not turn it back on until they get payment.  Please let me know if you can help and thanks for your kindness!
Evan’s Neuro-Oncologist at Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh
EHF paid the bill and got their electricity restored

Hi Joan, I have a little patient (almost 6) who just passed away last week. Family is in need of assistance with their rent ($650) for the month of June since they spent their money on funeral expenses. Are you able to help out? This little girl was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when she was 18mos old. She had a transplant about 3yrs ago. Unfortunately she relapsed in November & passed away this week. Her name is Ally. Thanks, Josie.
Josie Jones, LMSW Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

EHF paid the rent

I have a patient (7 yrs old with recurrent Ewing’s Sarcoma). The family will be traveling to Sloan Kettering in NY on 9/11 for a second opinion about possible surgery. They’ll have to stay for 1 wk.
 Are you able to assist with flights or with another bill to free up money for this?
EHF paid for the family to fly to NewYork

We had a young lady (12 years old) pass away (leukemia) this past Tuesday.  The family is working on car washes in order to be able to afford her services which have not been scheduled due to family not being able to pay.  Could you assist this family?
Caley Nelson Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
From Caley:

 “I just wanted to let you know how truly amazing your gift to this family was.  At the service the uncle spoke at great length about your foundation’s generosity.  He was observed to be emotionally moved as he spoke and broke down crying while he spoke to me personally about how much this meant to them.  I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to the family.  It was such a relief for this family to not have to worry about coming up with the funds to be able to have services for their niece and comforting that she buried next to her mother.
EHF paid for the services and burial

I have a single father of 5 and his daughter, who is 3, just underwent a bone marrow transplant for Neuroblastoma. He is struggling financially as he is currently not able to work because she requires 24 hour care. He hopes to return to work after her radiation is complete in a few weeks. We are asking for assistance with his rent which is $700.
 Kathryn Peterson, LMSW, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

EHF paid the rent

I have a family in need of some help. He is 2 years old and recently underwent a bone marrow transplant. The great grandmother flew out to AZ last week to visit him and unexpectedly died. My patients Mom is having to deal with all this and had planned to fly back home for the funeral. Unfortunately my patient was admitted to the hospital and she had to change her flights. I attempted to work with the airlines in order to avoid the change fess but they were of NO help. Can you assist with 2 utility bills so they may pay for the airline fees? The total is $164.91.
Kathryn Peterson, LMSW
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

EHF paid the bills

I have a family that could really use some assistance.  Jayden relapsed, the family just found out Monday.  Dad recently lost his job.  Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated by this family.  I attached a copy of their rental agreement. Jayden is a 2 year old with AML, just relapsed.
Erin Leach, Pediatric Social Worker
Cardon Children’s Medical Center

EHF paid for one month’s rent

I have a family whose child (Logan) was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Medulloblastoma brain tumor 1 ½ years ago. Logan, who is 6 years old,  completed therapy several months ago but he now has countless rehabilitation appointments (OT/ PT/Speech) and the family has significant co-pays and deductibles. They have asked for help with their utility bill;

 If you can assist , they would be most grateful.
EHF paid for electric bill