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Carrie Bloomston 

I am truly blown away by your generosity and I really do feel like you waved a magic wand and granted me one wish. Some days lately I feel that EVERYTHING seems bad everywhere I look. I know that is just a state of mind, but sometimes the stress is overwhelming and it colors my perceptions of the world. But my friends and family have been so beautiful and supportive during this hard time and then there is you being a Fairy Godmother (and Nancy, also- which blows me away, too.) So, your act reminds me that sometimes there are fairy tale moments in life when things work out and I can find a little grace. Thank you for your generosity and kindness- I know the act of giving heals your heart, but I want you to know that the act of receiving your gift heals mine.

Karen (DeJean) Boren 

Although time has passed…Evan has gone to his new life of peace without suffering or pain. He will forever live within the hearts of those who knew him, loved him and those who have read about him. May God continue to bless his family and the foundation. God Bless.

Katie Williams 

I just wanna say I met Evan Back in 2003 at Knollwood during swim pratice and I can say one thing I’m surprised he never got me kicked out of pratice with his smile or his laugh.. Evan to me, was more then a friend he was an everyday hero in my record books.. He always had something good to say when I heard about his death it just broke my heart because I felt like apart of me was missing for a long period of time but I have since learned every time I see a butterfly I always think of Evan for some reason. I guess it’s because he knows im thinking of him. I hope someday we get a chance to meet I would like to donate but I would like to give the donation to the family I just wanna say your son’s smile will always be inside my heart and I was blessed to have him touch my life he will never be forgotten and I listen to Eric Clapton tears in heaven because thats the one song that reminded me of Evan. Well, hopefully we get a chance to meet… and I will donate in the near future hopefully I’ll see ya soon my goal right now is to win the 50 fly in special olympics in honour of evan. Thanks for this foundation. God Bless.

Danielle Graf 

I went to school with Evan since 6th grade. He was an amazing person. I remember most Evan being the most unselfish and considerate guy, and a wonderful friend. And of course, every hour-long discussion about Rush has stayed with me. Evan was my rock and roll brother. He constantly inspired me to keep drumming and work hard in school, and always had one of those big bear hugs ready on really hard days… Evan really taught me to live for others by his own example. I am so inspired and grateful by Evan’s parents making this foundation, and I wish nothing except a successful future for it all.

Ralene , Cris & Wyatt DeBord 

We just heard of Evan’s passing. He was such a special young man… We would like to make a contribution to the foundation. Please email me with the contact information. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Jennifer Sigafoose 

I am so sorry for your loss of your son Evan. My daughter Jessica passed away at 14 yrs old due to a rare diease called sarcodiosis. She was a 8th grader at Dickinson in 2003. Her sister Tiffany goes to clay is a sophomore. We also have a scholarship fund set up in our church for the youth group. We will keep you all in our prayers It isnt easy loosing a child. Jessica had a beautiful smile that melt your heart. I might even be able to send something to you if you could send me a email or address to send the money. thank you bless you all jennifer I still miss our daughter still alot till this day. I was able to be with her at riley hospital when she passed away. Her last words were I love you too mom…. bless you all!

Alison Patton 

I was so moved when I read the article about Evan and how much he loved our pizza. It felt good to know we could bring some joy to his life. I look forward to helping his parents and his foundation to support others who are dealing with the touch of cancer in their lives. I pray God will use the time and money raised to be a blessing to the families. I pray God will bless all those involved in Evan’s foundation for their hard work and dedication.

Melinda Reese-Antsaklis & Panos Antsakli 

Panos, Lily & I send you our prayers. Evan had such a special joy of just being that touched us. He radiated a kind of impish glee as a little boy at the Farmington pool, when he & Lily swam together. His pure joy on his bike madly pedaling through the neighborhood with a big grin & a happy wave is an image I treasure. I hope his legacy will be the good his friends & schoolmates are inspired to do in their lives, as they think of Evan. We only knew Evan from a distance, but we could tell he was one very special young man. The impish grin & joyful spirit that was Evan is a special feeling & an image I keep in my mind’s eye & it makes me smile. We wish you Godspeed in your efforts to help other children & families who must travel the journey you did with Evan. He certainly did let his light shine! In Greek we say “May his memory be eternal.”

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