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Oncology Social Worker Children's Hosp 

I am one of the oncology social workers whose priviledge and pleasure it is to be a messenger of the money from your fund. The smiles, tears, expressions of gratitude and relief I see in the receivers faces tell many personal stories. Some of the families come here already financially strapped and others must quit their jobs to care for their child. The receivers often look at me with tears in their eyes and say, “These people are perfect strangers and they’re doing this for my family. I don’t know what to say.” I then remind them that this giver has experienced sorrow and loss much like they have. I tell them every giver needs a gracious receiver and that we all take our turns being each of these over the course of our lifetime. Thank you for your generous gifts to all my families.

Haley's Mom 

Our family would like to thank you for your generous donation from your son’s fund. My daughter is a cancer patient at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh. She was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006 and unfortunately relapsed in 2008. We now have 2 more years of cancer treatments. This fund has helped us so much with meals, tolls, parking and gas during our weekly stays. Again, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us, it is greatly appreciated!

Joy's Mom 

Our daughter has been treated for AML since January and this has required stays of up to 4 weeks in the hospital. The funds we have received from you during these stays has been invaluable. As you know, staying in the hospital is an additional financial burden for our family and we thank you very, very much for the assistance during these difficult times.

Janet Fogle, Sup Social Worker 

Mason, age 4, was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2009. His mother, father and 3 brothers are very close, which created a great deal of separation anxiety. They missed the old routine which was now forever changed. Mason’s family just barely met their bills each month and the extra financial burden of gas money and parking meant that the separations would be longer during the initial hospitalization. When the social worker offered financial assistance from the Evan Halford Memorial Fund the mother said, “How is this possible? These people don’t even know me and they want to help my family?” The social worker explained that this family had been in a similar situation and wanted to offer support and encouragement. Mason’s mother said that this is what she wants to do someday-to give back and help others just as she was helped today. She continued by saying that now she is a receiver, a gracious receiver, and someday again she will be a giver.

Social Worker, Children's Hosp PA 

Joshua, age 10, was diagnosed with leukemia in April of 2009. After many complications, he was brought to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with severe neurological damage in addition to his leukemia. His mother stayed by his bedside day and night while his father drove back and forth to Cambria County to care for his brother and two sisters. As Mother’s Day was approaching, Josh’s mom was very sad to think of not being able to spend it with all of her children. Josh’s family has few resources, so when the offer of financial help from the Evan Halford Fund was offered for lodging at the Ronald McDonald House, Josh’s mother began to cry. She was so grateful to be able to spend this important day with all of her children and husband.

Sherri Willyard 

I just wanted to write a note of appreciation for what you and Evan’s Memorial Foundation has done for us and what it means to us. Our daughter, Morgan was diagnosed with Leukemia in January of 2008. She is a bit over 1/2 way through her treatment. Although we do carry health insurance we still seem to accumulate a large amount of medical bills with co-pays, hospital payments, meds, etc. each month. With your donation of $500 to our family we have deposited this into her medical bank account in which we used for the hospital monthly payment, her office co-pay this Wednesday for chemo, and her meds this month. We will keep the remainder in there to go towards the same things next month. What a blessing it is to know of this organization that you have built in Evan’s memory…WHAT A GREAT THING. Having a child with cancer is hard but what you have gone through is beyond what I could imagine, Evan was an amazing young man I’m sure because his smile looks like it could have lit up the world. Thank you again from our family to yours!


His love is always here… we all know Evan is in a great place where there is no pain. His love will guide those whom love him. So love just like he would…

Ruthie B. Crockett 

Although I never had the pleasure to meet young Evan, his legacy is still living and blessing others. I came to this site after reading about a special Habitat for Humanity Home that has been built in honor of Evan. May God richly reward you for your care of Evan while he was on earth & for your continued efforts to reach out and bless others!

Richard Porter 

Everyday I usually think about Evan. I’ll always wonder what it would be like if he was still with us. Evan will always be in my heart and I will always think of him as my best friend for life. -Shake and Bake-

Chris Priebe 

Joan—I think of you, Tom and Evan so very often. We got your note in the mail today with Evan on the front, I so love that picture, he was so adorable. Right away Jennifer saw it on the front seat of my car and right away said, “Mom it’s Evan, I really miss him and this looks exactly like him, hair and all!!” I so hope that time has helped to give you a bit of peace in your heart and for me, knowing that my mom is my direct connection to heaven has helped me get through some of the rough times. Please know that our continued thoughts and prayers are with all of you!! Also I want you to know if you want to go ahead with another swim-a-thon, we would be honored to help you again!! Take care always! God Bless.

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