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Lowell Vick 

Thanks for your organization of the EHF to help others in need. We are happy to support such a worthy cause.
Pls note our chg of address as entered on your site today.
God Bless.
Lowell and Margaret Vick
Berkley MI

Jeremy Watson 

Joan, I love you and your foundation and the amazing work you are doing!

Stephanie Coiner 

I read your story and wanted to help. My donation is arriving shortly. I leave this message because I noticed today that your son would have been the same age as my youngest son. I lost a brother to lukemia many years ago around this time of year, and my surviving brother and I are both bone marrow donors. I know that giving back helps heal the hurt and suffering of both ourselves and others. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to help.

Mike and Kris Hake 

Beautiful pictures of Evan. Keep up the good work, Tom. Good to see you tonight! We’ll definitely be donating when your special trick or treaters come around for Evan’s foundation!

Brian C. Cavanaugh 

Evan T Halford was the best and greatest friend anyone could possibly ask for. Evan was the kindest and greatest person I will ever have the pleasure of knowing and I am sure the same is true for all who have ever seen his incredible smile and heard that rejuvenating laugh. I was lucky enough to have known Evan since long before I can remember and he will always be in my heart, along with all of the countless individuals who have know his friendship. Evan was truly a brother to me, and what he taught me about being a true and honest servant of our Lord and savior, I will never forget. I owe my humanity to Evan Halford. Without his friendship I would not be the person that I am today. I know that I speak for countless people when I say that we all miss and love him. In the immortal words of our favorite movie Home Alone – “Keep the change ya filthy animal”

Leslie McCullagh-Siege & Matt Siegel 

Mom and Dad of Maggie Words cannot express our gratitude enough. We were blessed with a special wish for our daughter Maggie the week before Christmas. We have always tried to include her older sister and younger brother since they were and are her cheerleaders throughout her life with and without leukemia. We asked for a play set for the kids and WOW we were blessed with an enormous and fun play set! Since words cannot express our thanks, we will enjoy all their laughs, joys, and even their tears every time we enjoy this special wish. We will continue to think of your son, Evan, as he continues to touch people’s lives today. We will make sure we educate our children about Evan and all that he gave us. We now include Evan in our group of guardian angels who watch over us and especially while we are swinging toward heaven! Thank you again!

Betsy Maresko 

Just thinking of sweet Evan…I’m looking at my beautiful Christmas tree that my dear friend Joan made me…thinking what a privilege to have known this beautiful soul.

Daniel Schieber 

Evan was a great friend of mine. My friends and I miss him. He was a great person and friend.

Levi's Mom 

Thank you so very much for your gift to our family. We are truly grateful for the help. We were at a financial low when Levi was diagnosed. In addition, because my husband is self-employed, time spent at the hospital and caring for Levi in the initial months of treatment meant loss of income. Your gift helped us to catch up on some utility bills and monthly expenses, relieving a stress. Thank you. we are amazed at how God has been poviding for us in this difficult time. Thank you for your willingness to help. We are so sorry for the loss of your precious Evan.. May God grant you peace as you remember him in this awesome way.

Jacqueline's Mom 

I am the mother of a 17 year old daughter who is battling ALL for the second time. I want to personally, from the heart, thank you for your gift to my family and many others. I’m walking in Faith and I pray many blessings upon all of you!

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