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Evan’s positive and helping

spirit lives on, bringing love
and support to others in need.

Evan’s Story

Evan was a special soul who approached life with happiness and joy. His magnetic personality was warm and welcoming and elevated the spirits of those around him. He loved helping others and made friends wherever he went. People loved him.  He was always learning and as he learned and grew he enjoyed sharing those learning lessons with others.  Evan had an enthusiasm for experiencing life and was very self accepting of himself, life circumstances, and others. He would often say, “I love being me!”

Evan was 2 years old when he developed a very rare brain tumor and given a 5% chance of survival. Through extreme measures, he lived to be 15 years old when the cancer returned and we were unable to save him. He attended high school for just part of his freshman year in South Bend, Indiana.  He dreamed of being an architect and attended the Frank Lloyd Wright architect camp in Phoenix.  He also loved rock music and was given back stage access at an Eric Clapton concert on a Make A Wish trip.  He was a swimmer and enjoyed being on the team with his buddies.  He would lose himself for hours playing, especially on the Xbox.  Some of Evan’s special memories were meeting President Jimmy Carter, who shared his birthday, and talking with then Colt’s quarterback Peyton Manning on the phone.

The Evan Halford Foundation has been established to allow Evan’s positive and helping spirit to live on by sharing love and support to others in need.


“I went to school with Evan since 6th grade. He was an amazing person. I remember Evan being the most unselfish and considerate guy, and a wonderful friend…”

“Evan T Halford was the best and greatest friend anyone could possibly ask for. Evan was the kindest and greatest person I will ever have the pleasure of knowing and I am sure the same is true for all who have ever seen his incredible smile and heard that rejuvenating laugh…”

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