On the Blog Today: EHF Paid an Electric Bill

Hi Joan, I have attached a bill for a family of mine.  Easton is 4 and was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago.  He is doing well, but with appointments dad has been missing a lot of work.  Would it be possible for you to assist with the attached bill? Thank you, Erin  Pediatric Oncology Social Worker BPS Hematology/Oncology Clinic Cardon Children’s Medical Center

He is a 9 year old…

 A STORY OF NEED Evan Halford Foundation got an e-mail from a social worker at Phoenix Children’Hospital: “A more pressing need is the family of a little 9 year old boy named Maurice. He is a brain tumor patient who has been in therapy for over a year.  Mom is single with 4 kids and barely getting by… MANY social issues.  That said, the child is adorable and life is one big hardship for this family.  Their biggest need at present is rent.  The amount is $650, a lot I know.  They have not paid for June yet.  Thank you again for all that you do for our kids and families.”    

Today EHF helped the family of a 10 year old kiddo.

We just got an e-mail from a social worker at Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Hello Joan –  I promise that this will be my last request for a bit.  I have a brain tumor kiddo – 10 years old – who just completed therapy after two years of chemo.  Mom is single and struggling significantly.  She really needs assistance with their rent.” We sent a check for the rent that was due.  As a result the family is able to remain in their home.